What is a Celebrant

What is an Independent Wedding Civil Celebrant and how do I differ from a Registrar?


Legal formalities

 A civil celebrant does not have the legal power to marry you. This has to be done by a registrar, priest or vicar, but what a civil celebrant can do is offer you choice and turn what can be speedy and clinical ceremony into the meaningful personal wedding you want.  Let me explain.

The law limits what can be said and done at a legal marriage ceremony. This can mean that the service can seem very quick and impersonal.

There is a prescribed form of words which have to be used to make you a married couple. There is no opportunity to meet with the ceremony officer before the wedding or have time to rehearse the service. Other restrictions also apply such as the time of day, the venue and the music. No alcohol is to be consumed; no symbolism or religious content is allowed and no one else is allowed to speak.


An Independent Celebrant Wedding Ceremony

Many of my couples, who are looking to make their wedding something special and unique, undergo the legal formalities of the marriage by first attending a registry office, often at the cheapest time with the minimum of witnesses and then have a Wedding Celebration Ceremony which truly is meaningful and personal to them.

I meet with you in the early stages of your plans. I create and deliver a ceremony which allows you the freedom to express yourself in the way you want and include all those personal touches of meaningful vows and promises you want to make to your loved one.

There is complete and full communication between us, giving you the control to fashion the celebrations in the manner that you want with any inclusions from other family members and friends that you would like. Readings, poems, speeches, blessings and scripture can all be added if required.

The ceremony does not have to be held at a licensed venue. It can be performed at the location of your choice at the time and day of your liking. I only book one ceremony a day, so I am totally focused on you and your special occasion.

A wedding celebration ceremony can have many elements to it and the next page lists the most popular, however there are many other symbolic gestures that can be included.


Funeral Celebrant

As a qualified funeral celebrant I create and deliver tributes and eulogies at cremations and burial funerals. I work closely with the family and friends of the person who has died to create a ceremony that is truly individual.  The service can be non-religious, semi-religious or spiritual. It can contain music, readings, poems and blessings. There is constant communication between myself and the family. When I have created a draft tribute I ensure that it is agreed with the family and friends before I deliver it on the day of the funeral.

I also work very closely with your funeral director and ensure that they know about any changes that are to be made or inclusions that are going to happen. Any poems, songs, hymns or readings are printed on the order of service. I also offer a printed copy of the tribute if the family would like one.