Couple’s Ceremony Inclusions


You have a choice of one of these special inclusions at no extra charge. Other elements of your choice can of course be woven into your ceremony, but dependent upon the requirements, an extra charge maybe incurred.


Exchange Of Rings

This is a traditional act which couples often include in their ceremony to openly show love and commitment to each other. As a circle is without end, it can symbolise your love for you each other as never ending and being eternal.


Candle Ceremony

The use of candles in ceremonies can take a number of forms, dependent upon the type of ceremony it is used for. Lightening a centre candle from two other candles can represent two lives being joined as one and the flames of the new candle symbolising unity, commitment and strength of the relationship. A ceremony where one candle is light from another or a number of other candles can symbolise the recognition of a new life, a child or beginning.


Hand Fasting


Many couples combine use this in their wedding ceremony and can also be performed in other celebrations involving couples. Binding your hands in symbolically coloured ribbons or cords is an old and emotional ritual.


Wishes Tree Ceremony

A beautiful way of allowing family and friends to share their love for you by writing heartfelt messages of affection and support hanging those on a symbolic tree for you to keep forever.


Sand Ceremony

A ceremony where sands of a different colour are used, each colour representing each person involved in that celebration. Each colour is added to a glass receptacle and as each is added, the sand mixes together, never to be separated signifies the unity and bond your special relationship has.


Ceremonial certificate

The signing of ceremonial certificate with the inclusion of other supporting guests is also an open and public demonstration of love, commitment and unity as well as being a beautiful reminder of your special day.