Types of Ceremonies

Wedding Celebration Ceremonies

At the celebration of your wedding and the recognition of you as a legal couple, the bespoke script would contain the words, vows and promises you wish to make to each other. It could also include other family member’s readings, speeches or words, either their own or ones that have been written for them. As it is your day, the use of paige boys, flower girls, maids of honour and bridesmaids is entirely up to you, as is the inclusion of pets, or a theme and music of your choice.

Renewal of vows

A ceremony which reaffirms the commitment and the love and support you have for each other. This can happen at any time in your marriage or civil partnership and the bespoke script will include words, promises and pledges that you wish to make to each other. It may chronicle your love story, your trials and tribulations, your life’s journey but ultimately it will show the bond, dedication and devotion that you have for each other.

Civil Partnership Celebrations

Presently this is only available to same sex couples and is much like a wedding in its recognition of your legal status and the opportunity for you to publicaly declare your love and devotion to each other. The ceremony will express your feelings, emotions and sentiments and can include anything that is important and precious to you both.

Commitment Ceremonies

A ceremony which openly and publicaly declares your love, support and ongoing commitment to each other. It gives recognition to the bond, strength and loyalty of your relationship and the importance that it holds for you.

Naming Ceremonies

A celebration to welcome, name and accept a loved one into the family or community, perhaps a baby or the uniting of a new relationship with the inclusion of other children. A naming ceremony is the event at which a baby or child is given a name or names. The timing can vary from mere days after birth to several months or many years afterwards. It gives you a ceremony through which you can make promises to your child, have other supporting adults and or grandparents do the same.

Those promises and words of commitment are your own special way of showing love, support and devotion those important people in your life. I will endeavour to make every ceremony and celebration a meaningful, moving and memorable event tailored to you.

I also offer, for all my ceremonies a printed keepsake copy of your ceremony so you always have a memento of your special day and a record of the words or love and commitment you said to each other.

The following page gives examples of some of the types of symbolic gestures and inclusion that you might wish to use in your ceremony.