Funeral Ceremonies

Funeral Services

As a qualified funeral celebrant I offer services which are tailored to the beliefs, values and wishes of the deceased and their next of kin. Each service is individual and therefore can be non-religious, semi-religious or spiritual. The service can include, prayers, blessings, poems or readings, it may contain hymns or popular songs, tunes which were meaningful to deceased.

Whatever the service contains it will be a tribute to and about the person who has died, it will aim to give comfort and closure to friends and family.


Funerals – Cremations and Burials

Whether it is a burial or cremation funeral, I meet as soon as possible with the next of kin, to learn about the deceased person, to hear stories of their life, what their loves, passions and interests were. This may take between two to three hours as it is important to learn as much about them as possible. I then create a draft tribute and include any contributions made by other mourners or requests for other inclusions. Tributes are always agreed with the next of kin before they are delivered.

Most crematoriums allow 35 to 45 minutes for a funeral,  burial services normally allow longer.


Scattering of Ashes

Sometimes families have a special place where they would like the ashes scattered. This maybe a favourite walk, coastal view or garden. A closing ceremony can be conducted at such time and will aim to give comfort and closure.


Memorial Services

 A memorial service gives the opportunity for more friends, family and colleagues to recall their memories of the deceased.